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The top two fixtures, are first and second operations respectively. They show a horizontal fixture that had to be designed taking in account some unusual considerations. For example, the part castings had some drastically varying dimensions with respect to the two square holes on the mounting side of the part. The second operation fixture was designed for the two square holes on the castings to snap on using the spring loaded locators.

Another example of a special consideration, was the fact that the part had to be machined at a one degree compound angle in the second operation. In order to do that the second operation fixture was made with a ‘Compound Angel Adjuster’ that was preset with the required one degree compound angle. The ‘Compound Angel Adjuster’ also gave the customer the ability to change the angle at any time.

HF2c.jpg (16284 bytes)          HF2d.jpg (21036 bytes)
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The special features that were designed into this fixture made it a little harder to design, but they also allowed the customer to greatly reduce machining time.



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